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#21 Creativity in the streets of Auckland city

Hipster Hoot by Andre Roth

Auckland City and the Child Cancer Foundation have partnered to spread 47 giant decorated owls all over the city. The initiative encourages people to wander around Auckland to locate them with maps, see the sites, take 'sowlfies' and win prizes. The owls have been decorated by various artists, and go up for auction on the 29/05/18, with sale proceeds going to the Child Cancer Foundation.

What a wonderful thing!

This picture is of an owl decorated by Andre Roth, named Hipster Hoot. I had to take a photo of this one because the artist noted on the description plaque "...this owl was inspired by independent thinkers, dreamers and creativity." :-)

This is a beautiful example of using creativity in business. A number of owls have already been sponsored by businesses, who have their own decorated owls outside their buildings. What a magic way to market themselves, and show their commitment to social responsibility.

The company who created the owls is called Wild in Art , who use the same formula of placing painted sculptures for charity fundraising all over the world. They started in 2008 and have since raised over £10 million for charity through the initiative.

I'm so stoked on this initiative. A powerful example of how to use creativity for business and raising awareness.