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#12 Here Comes the Sun (from Dark Places)

Pretty crazy that the most played Beatles song on Spotify is 'Here Comes the Sun' written by George Harrison. He wrote this while chilling on Eric Clapton's deck one morning. At the time Clapton was madly in love with George's wife, Paddie Boyd - George and Paddie both knew this - but George and Eric were still close friends. Clapton was relentless in pursuing Paddie, and wrote the song 'Layla' to express his feelings for her. A big part of Clapton's inspiration for this song came from a 5th century poem he discovered about a young man who fell in love with an unbelievable woman he was crazy about , but would never be able to marry. Clapton and Paddie did end up getting married, and one other amazing track that lives today as a result of their relationship is 'Wonderful Tonight' (which is a beautiful song, but actually inspired from an argument they were having about Paddie taking too long to get ready). I guess the point is that beautiful creations can come from some dark places. It's a good idea to use creative outlets to get things off your chest and put things into perspective - you never know what the future holds. Maybe the sun after a long, cold, lonely winter?