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Top Tips for Life

1) If you have a meeting at a cafe or restaurant, even if its informal, book a table or get there early to secure a spot. Often, people book meeting times for XX:30 or XX:00, so if you arrive at XX:15 or XX:45 you have more chance of getting in before the next wave is due. Phoning and booking is obvs the best way to secure a spot, but some places won't take reservations. Another benefit for me when I arrive early is that I can get comfortable in the space (pretty hippy aye, but can be a game changer for nerves and prep).

2) Use STAR in an interview to tell your story.

S - situation

T - task

A - application

R - result

The beauty of this technique is if you get a bit lost when explaining an example (which can happen to me when nerves kick in) you can use these headings as yardsticks to get you back on track. The beauty is this makes you look like a boss when telling stories to your interviewer, where other people are often too 'cool' to use a system like this.

Most leading firms actually ask people to use this method so they can best learn about a candidate. So, google that ish. It has been a game changer for me.