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#2 Love U Long Time Skateboarding

I recently got a new skateboard and am hitting old man skate sessions with my old squad. Skating is an art, a workout, an efficient mode of transport, and wonderful lifestyle choice.

If you're interested to get in to skating, a good setup will cost about $200, and will last you years if you look after it. Riding in the rain or through puddles is terrible for your deck and your bearings - so avoid this!

These types of youtube videos are a good to place to visit to get tips on basic tricks 5 Easy To Learn Skateboard Flatground Tricks

It will take about 3 months I reckon until you start to feel comfortable, by which time you should be able to do some basic tricks like an ollie and a pop shuvit.

It's a fun way to work out! It's a fast mode of transport and I always enjoy rolling past people down a hill or on flat who are walking, where I get places at least two times faster than they do (calculate the time saved for your life by doing this!).

Once you learn tricks you'll get into the Art side of it, really you are dancing, and using the natural terrain of a city, suburb, or skatepark as a canvas. It takes creativity and confidence to know which tricks to do in each area. Then there is form, style, fashion, angles for photos or videos, light etc etc. There is no end to the art side of skating.

One of the best points however is loosing yourself in something. For me it's like Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi's idea of Flow, where you are so engrossed in something you lose track of time, and have no worries in the world because you're so focused. It's a point where your skill level is high and the challenge is high - this intersection is called Flow, and is said to be place of pure bliss. You can check out a TED talk of his here to learn about Flow.

If you get into it, you need to stick at it for a year I reckon to get to a fluent stage of riding. Then it's like riding a bike, and you'll have a suite of tricks locked into your muscle memory. Then you can pick up a board anytime you feel and pop tricks and get places faster!

Hit me up if you have any questions about skating.

Love U Long Time Skateboarding XO