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#1 The value of understanding your personality profile - just get on with it

I spend a lot of time challenging people about their career decisions, as I’ve noticed that people who work in role’s they enjoy tend to be happier in other aspects of their life… Such a meh sentence, but it’s true. Most of the time we get caught slipping on the most basic stuff – especially when it comes to being critical of ourselves. Unsurprisingly, even the most intelligent people I've chatted to about this haven't spent time making a strategy for their careers. The easy stuff is tough!

I’ve experienced the worst kind of work stress, trying to stay afloat in a job which I fundamentally wasn’t cut out for. I won’t delve into this any deeper at this stage, but what I’m currently working through is understanding my personality profile, and lining it up with work which suits me. The first step is to take a personality test. This site was recommended to me by a careers counsellor, which produces thorough results for free .

I’m ENFJ – Extroverted, where I’m keen to perform with people in a work situation. I lean towards Intuition, keen to work towards ‘what could be’. Feeling, I’m a wishy washy “believer” and make decisions on values. I lean towards Judging, which implies I’m keen to get on with things early to feel better about work instead of procrastinating.

Just a simple test supplies so much useful information for a CV if you’re creating one, but more importantly the info is useful to help you decide if your current job is the right fit. If not, take some time to think about this shit. Seriously.

I’ll write more about this stuff down the track.